Top 10 Nana Patekar Facebook Photo Comments

Top 10 Nana Patekar Facebook Photo Comments

Nana Patekar who is known for his so talented acting in the entire Bollywood Industry is now here to make you guys laugh. Check out the best funny photos of this versatile actor in his own style. These photos are specially designed for all the Facebook freaks. You are welcomed to grab them now!

1. Nana Patekar – Firse Likh Kuch Pata Nahi Chala
firse likh kuch pata nahi chala (1)2. Nana Patekar- Ab jaake Hasi Aayiab jaake hasi aayi 3. Nana Patekar РAb Tereko Kya Problem Hai, BC? ab tereko kya problem hai bc 4. Nana Patekar РAchcha Hai,Bahut Achcha!achcha hai bahut achcha
5. Nana Patekar- I’ll Kill You, Bastard!firse likh kuch pata nahi chala (2) 6. Nana Patekar- Ho Gaya Teraho gaya tera 7. Nana Patekar- Say That Again!say that again!8. Yaar Mujhe Pata Nahi Tha Tu Itna Acha hai
yaar mukhe pata nahi tha tu itna achcha hai 9. Nana Patekar- Ye Ghusa Dunga Saale!

ye ghusa dunga saale


10. Nana Patekar- Tu Ruk Abhi Saale tu ruk abhi saale

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